Clubhouse Attire

Main Dining Room – Gentlemen over 14 years of age are required to wear a long sleeved collared shirt. Jackets are not mandatory, but members are requested to dress in a manner suited to the setting and decor of the room, recognizing that the Club wishes the Main Dining Room to remain attractive to members entertaining business associates and other guests. For certain events, a jacket and tie will be required.

In the Grille Room and on the Terrace, golf and tennis attire is acceptable.
Short-shorts, T-shirts, tank tops, cutoff jeans, cargo pants, cargo shorts and similar clothing, are not permitted within the confines of the Clubhouse and Terrace at any time. Shirts must be tucked in at all times. Men must wear shirts with collars.

Jeans may be worn in the Clubhouse only. Jeans are permitted in the Clubhouse during Lunch hours Tuesday through Sunday and during dinner hours on Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday evenings.

Bathing suits are restricted to the pool area. 

Golf Dress Code

The course is a wonderful Club asset. We take pride in this. This pride should reflect itself in our attire when we play the course. All members, including juniors, must follow the dress code while on the golf course and all practice facilities. Members are expected to inform their guests of the dress code in advance so as to avoid embarrassment.

Men and Boy's Dress Code

All golf shirts must have a collar or mock collar. Shirts must be tucked in at all times. Traditional "Bermuda" shorts are permitted. All hats, visors, and caps must be worn with the bills to the front, and outdoors only. Hats, visors and caps may not be worn in the Clubhouse.

Women and Girl's Dress Code

Golf shirts may have short sleeves, long sleeves or sleeveless. Any type of tank top or halter top is not permitted. Traditional "Bermuda" shorts, golf skirts, culottes, and slacks are considered acceptable golf attire.

All Golfers

Denim jeans, cargo shorts, cargo pants, halter tops, short shorts, cutoffs and swimming suits are not appropriate golf attire. Only non-metal golf shoes are permitted. Juniors are allowed to wear sneakers. Neatness in dress is always a prerequisite and extremely important. Each member of the Club, the Board of Governors and the Club staff are expected to enforce the above dress code.

Tennis Dress Code

All players must wear non-marking, smooth-soled tennis shoes. Running shoes are not allowed. All players must wear appropriate tennis attire. Appropriate tennis attire includes shirts with sleeves, shirts with or without collars, skirts, and shorts manufactured by a tennis apparel company and intended to be worn for racquet sports. All clothing must be white; however, trim on tennis wear is permissible if it is merely a touch of color. Tee shirts are not permitted under any circumstances.

A. Cell phones and other electronic communication devices are not to be used anywhere on Club property except in the locker rooms and the parking lots. Physicians are exempt from this rule.

B. No electronic devices of any kind are permitted in the Clubhouse or on the Terraces. Use of a cell phone for calls or emails/text are permitted in the lobby area of the Clubhouse for brief communications.

C. The following devices are permitted at the pool: Cell phones (texting and email only. Phone calls must be placed in the parking lot). Laptops, Kindles and other e-readers, iPods, iPads, etc. - with earphones only. No external speaker systems permitted.

The AVCC Clubhouse, tennis areas, and pool areas are smoke-free facilities. Smoking is not allowed in any dining area, including the Terraces.

As a matter of courtesy, any group playing slowly should allow faster groups to play through. If a group fails to keep it's place on the course and falls more than one hole behind, that group must allow the following group to play through. A group should be capable of playing an 18 hole round of golf in four hours. Chronic slow play is a major problem for everyone and all members and their guests should make every effort to avoid slow play. The Golf Committee may impose sanctions for chronically slow players including prohibiting slow players from teeing off on weekends and holidays before noon.

In all competitive stroke play events, including weekend “skins” competitions, all putts that will influence the individual’s or team’s ultimate score must be holed out. “Meaningless” putts should be conceded by other players in a match in the interest of faster play.

Hours of Operation

April 1-April 30 8:00 am-6:30 pm
May 1-August 14 8:00 am-7:30 pm
August 15-August 31 8:00 am-7:00 pm
September 1-End Of Season Posted By The Manager Of Golf Services

Rules & Regulations

  1. Unless otherwise stated, because of the layout of the practice range , no male golfer is allowed to use woods. Junior golfers under the age of 14 may use unless deemed inappropriate by a member of the Professional Staff. Golfers are also asked to refrain from using any club that enables them to reach the end of the practice range. 
  2. The practice facility membership plan is mandatory for all Regular and Associate memberships. Tennis members are eligible and are encouraged to use the practice facility. Please phone the Golf Shop to sign up for practice facility membership privileges. 
  3. Any person observed hitting balls over the nets will be asked to stop practicing immediately. Members will face disciplinary action if any guest they are hosting violates this rule.